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Policies & FAQ


All orders must be paid in full to confirm your order. Custom cakes must be paid and confirmed 2 weeks from pickup up date. 

For weddings, a non refundable $150 deposit is required. The remaining balance must be paid 4 weeks out from your wedding date.

Delivery/pickup by appointment only. Pickup address will be provided upon confirmation of order. 

Cancellations made within the above time frames will not be refunded. 

Once the cake is picked up/dropped off, it is your responsibility to keep in a cool dry place. Cakes damaged after pickup/drop off will not be refunded. 

How do I transport my cake?

To transport your cake make sure your car is cool. In the summer; turn AC on full. In winter; make sure no heat is blowing on the cake. 

Place cake FLAT ON FLOOR. Do NOT place cake on the seat or in someone's lap. Make sure there is nothing on the seat that cake slide off onto the cake. 

Drive carefully!!

My event is outside, can my cake sit out?

Cakes do not hold up to heat. If you are holding a summer event outdoors, it is NOT recommended to leave your cake out. Keep the cake in a cool place until it is time to serve it.

How do I cut my cake?

To get the maximum amount of servings; it is recommended to slice the cake on a grid. For extra tall takes each slice can then be cut again horizontally to double the servings.

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